» Stop blending in and increase your brand’s
awareness with a positive and professional image.  «

Wouldn’t U love to be able to show off full-size product images with your display? The UpTownCHIC gives U the power to exhibit full-size images with life-size graphics and is ready to be converted from a floor display to a table display – within seconds. Its lightweight and versatility allows U to stand out and inspire your audience at every event you attend and every speaking engagement U have.

The UpTownCHIC is the perfect display to spark curiosity and captivate attention at trade shows and events.  It is also a creative way to display your brand on stage, in the background of your videos, or command attention in the back of a room when U are presenting.

When displaying the UpTownCHIC, U are promoting a professional appearance, attracting attention to your message, creating curiosity about your brand and driving traffic to your business. It silently communicates that U are well prepared, organized, and ready to serve your potential customers with the same level of professionalism your UpTownCHIC displays.

Bring your pop up display to an even more engaging and attractive height with the UpTownCHIC Transformer Kit – 2 additional frames, 2 rods, and 2 double-sided graphics.

Are U ready to start designing your MüD Modular? We are!